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Viruses and Spyware / Break Fix

Viruses and spyware is crippling computers everyday.  From slowness to those annoying popups we have the tools to eliminate them and provide the tools to keep them at bay.

Computers break they are mechanical in nature and at times (usually the worse time) they will fail.  We can get you back up and running as fast as possible.  We have the tools to recover data off failed hard drives.

Let us bring your stressful day to a successful ending.


· Remove Viruses and installing antivirus programs

· Provide tools and knowledge to keep you safe

· Provide firewall support to keep them out

· Can make surfing the net fun again

· Data Recovery services

· Failed power supplies replaced

· All hardware components replaced

· Recommend replacing failing systems


Get back your internet speed.

Let us help your frustration with computers serving Cincinnati tri-state area Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana

CompTIA Certified Technicians A+ and Network+

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Fax: 214-580-8281

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